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Alnafora Co. maintains a large inventory of rotary drilling and cable tool rigs that when partnered with our highly experienced geologists, hydrogeologist, geophysist, engineers, drillers, and technicians, they are able to meet all customer water well completion needs.

Our full-time mechanics and preventative maintenance program ensure that all necessary equipment is available and operating at maximum efficiency. This commitment to quality allows us to offer the most responsive and cost-effective drilling services.

Depending on your project requirements Alnafora Co. can advise you on the right drilling methods and team to use. From small limited-access drill rigs, to large truck-mounted drill rigs capable of achieving depths over1200 m. Therefore, Alnafora can submit the following services water well drilling as follows:


 1. Drilling Production, Exploratory and Piezometer Wells

Alnafora Co. will select the right drilling equipment’s and drilling method, in order to meet the rapid penetration, full gauge, vertical and aligned borehole with negligible caving, taken into consideration the borehole operations are performed in accordance with the requirement of the technical specification accepted by the customer.

Therefore Alnafora Co. is capable to drill most of different well design and types (Production, Exploratory and Piezometer wells) with a diameter ranging between 4 1/2 in to 42 inches and to depths over 1200 meters, using high performance drilling and services rigs with lifting capacity ranging between 25 to 80 tons. As stated in the Drilling and Servicing Units table, considering essentially that the drilling rigs are equipped with:

  • Mud system units. (Centrifugal pump, Mud pump, Mud tanks and storage facilities, Shale Shaker, Desander, Desilter, mud Mixing and agitation facilities, etc.).
  • Drilling instrument and recorders (Weight indicator, mud pressure, swivel torque, swivel RPM, Multi-channel recorder, etc.).
  • Drilling String with different sizes (Drill Collars, Drill pipes, Stabilizers, etc.).
  • Air Compressor for drilling and for well development with Booster.
  • Other auxiliary equipment’s. (Bits, Fishing tools, Coring tools, Clamps, etc.).


2. Geophysical Well Logging

In order to obtain information in formation character, yield potential and water quality in open hole water well condition. As well as the well information condition in cased water well. For well rehabilitation and /or maintenance, Alnafora Co. can serve and carry out the following geophysical well logging equipment by its own units and qualified team (Geo Vista logging units) in the assigned wells directly through measurement or calculation of:

  • The resistivity logs. (SP, Normal, focused, Single and dual Induction).
  • Spontaneous Potential Log.
  • Natural and Spectral Gamma Ray logs.
  • Caliper log.
  • Density and Sonic logs.
  • Temperature / Conductivity logs.
  • Cement Bond log (CBL).
  • Casing Located log (CCL).
  • Verticality log.
  • Borehole Video Imager log.
  • Video Inspection Camera log.
  • Flowmeter log.
  • Water Sampler.


3. Well Completion and Construction

After completing the drilling operations, Alnafora Co. provides well completion and construction services through well-equipped their drilling rigs with all the necessary tools and auxiliary equipment for handling and installation the permanent components inside the borehole in different stages as follows:

  • Casing (Steel, GRP, Plastic pipes).
  • Centralizers, Clamps and Cement baskets.
  • Connections Pieces (Reducer, Liner hunger, Over Shot, inflatable Packers, etc.).
  • Screens and tail pipe.
  • Gravel Pack. 


4. Well Cementation

Alnafora Co. provides Cementing services using their own especial equipment and tools according to the cement program prepared according to the borehole condition, by mixing a slurry of cement of API classes or ASTEM types, cement additives and water and pumping it down through casing to critical points in the annulus around the casing or as cement bridge plugs in the open hole below the casing string. The principal functions of the cementing process are:

  • Protecting an aquifer, or aquifers from contamination.
  • Protecting the well from surface contamination.
  • Preventing water movement from one aquifer to another.
  • Protecting casing from contact with formation water.
  • Reinforcing casing against pressures and buckling.
  • Sealing selected zones.
  • Abandoning open borehole or wells.


5. Well Development and Cleaning

Well development means, applying some form of energy both to the screen and to the formation immediately adjacent to the well, to achieve sand free water at highest possible specific capacity and to have the following beneficial purposes:

  • Reduce the compaction and contamination of loose sediment produced during drilling by removing fine materials from the pore space.
  • Increase the natural porosity and permeability of the formation near the borehole by selectivity removing finer fractions of aquifer material.
  • Remove the filter cake or drilling fluid film that coats the borehole.
  • Remove drilling fluid and natural formation solids that have invaded the formation during drilling.
  • Create a graded zone of sediment or the gravel pack around the screen stabilizing the formation.
  • Provide sand free water at maximum specific capacity.

In order to reach the above development requirements, Alnafora Co. is capable and well equipped to applying the following technical methodology to new wells or to rehabilitated well (old well) such as:

  • Swabbing.
  • Airlifting and Surging /Backwashing.
  • Jetting operation.
  • High-rate pumping (over Pumping).


6. Well Pumping Test

Alnafora Co. using their services rigs to perform the pumping test of the new (production, exploratory and piezometer wells) and/or old wells to determine both performance of a well and hydraulic parameters the aquifer.

The Yield, drawdown parameters, transmissivity, storage coefficients are determined during the pumping test of all well types for reliable prediction of:

  • Effect of additional withdrawals on existing wells.
  • Drawdown in a well at future times and different discharges.
  • Radius of influence for individual or multiple wells.

In order to reach the above parameters, Alnafora Co. is capable and well equipped with the following tools:

  • Submersible pumps and generators (sufficient capacity and power).
  • Discharge measuring facilities (Wier Tanks, flow meters, water level measuring device, Pressure device, PH/ Conductivity/ Temp device Solid control device, stopwatch, etc.).
  • Different Host pipes, clamps and flanges in sizes and lengths.   


7. Well Completion Report

At the end of works, Alnafora Co. will present the drilling and services activities within a well completion report, means a report that includes all of the information’s such as: well number, location, well drilling method, well design details, permanent material used, geophysical logs, lithological description, development pumping test data and water quality results.